Aim behind the stories

In this website we are collecting as many Hindu devotional stories as we can. They are in Hindi in Devanagari script. These stories are getting read and listen to Hindu families in different occasions. Characters might be different with region.

After reading these stories today's generation might think that stories are more God fearing rather than God loving. Most of the stories says, ones child (specially Son) got harm or someones Husband had to die because they dint do what they have been told. And then we think, we know that much science and technologies, how they people be fool us on the name of God ? Could our God ever do Tit for Tate? What is the reason in these most modern medium that is Website on Internet, once again collecting those stories and making them available to all?

So we have read these stories first before uploading. We find instead of few yearly festivals stories, day's stories dont sound any special process. They are stories with day to day simple Hindu way of worship to God. Most of them give emphasis on reading and house cleaning kind of hygiene. They allow whether we want to make it simple, without keeping fast etc.

These stories are indirect way for social-gathering. Teach us to be reliable personality, be truthful and finish commitments on time. Characters in these stories are from poor to rich, any casts and gender. That shows equality in humankind.

So we request all readers that please take these stories in positive way. Do read the books and share them with others, But don't carry the myth that you have to distribute particular story book otherwise God will not listen to you. God is to love not to fear.

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