Beware-Identity Theft

Identity (ID) theft is a crime where a thief steals your personal information, such as your full name or social security number, to commit fraud.

 **Fake Visa Related Call: 
 **Beware of Fraudsters calling using UK Home office Phone Number - 2070354848 

 Nowadays people are getting fake threatening phone calls from identity thieves using UK home office switch board number. The caller pretends that he is Immigration officer from UKBA .

 The caller talks in scolding tone. If you show doubt, he asks you to confirm the calling phone number from original website.
Beware, when you match phone number from official website, number is same but this is because they hacked the number.

If you trust them, Caller mentions that you failed to fill 'Aliens Registration Number' or 'Foreign Certification No' on Landing Card so legal case filed on you and if you will not support them i.e. not give them your identity information, soon you will get arrested.

 Don't be scared just ignore them and cut the phone otherwise it become real panic situation because fraudster makes panic statements that police can arrest you anytime. They usually use recent terror attacks as an example and that is why they are making list of immigrants came for last 10 years.
The caller always asks not to disconnect the phone during whole course of action, switch off the internet and not to share this call until police came to your door step once they send their report to them. Then he asks your passport number, any other ID and then disconnect.

That is how identity theft are being done by fake people.

Please, please don't be panic, these are no where real, just thieves, keep on ignoring their call or tell them that you will talk Immigration office/ Police right now. 
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